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September 24, 2011
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Robot versus Robot by bebob4999 Robot versus Robot by bebob4999
Commish for Puurusername!

Heres a diabolical description fueled by his own backdrop;

Kos-mos has been handed over to Bebobcorp, the latest and forerunning robot enterprise, praised world wide for it's military war drones, nano-tech and artificial intelligence. The purpose; her creators have issued her their latest robot-sense relay, allowing her to feel like an actual human being. This will blurr the line between man and machine even further. However, said device has to be tested...


So, she is being subjected to a long series of tests. The owner of Bebobcorp, the brilliant Inventor Alexander Sleuteltree, has taken special intrest in this testing... and has found the perfect way to do it, as well as pleasing the inner tickling enthusiast.

Suspended in industrial strength grapplers with special padding round her arms, feet and below her knees, Kos-mos is subjected to a exhausting series of tickling techniques. Her entire upperbody is at this moment stimulated by intense vibrating tickle pads, with rubber teeth to increase the sensation. Not even her belly button is safe from these terrifying tickle tools. To make matters worse, her isolated bare feet are also attacked by a variety of tortures. On her left foot, the same vibrating pads are exploring sole, heel, arch and toes. Padded toe restraints keep her from moving her foot, and make the taut sole a vulnerable target. On her right foot, diabolical phinwheels are being rolled around her entire defenseless tootsie. This process is being repeated during the last 20 minutes. A special elctrified comb is dragged over her foot as well, unleashing a intense and devastating attack on terrified overly tested nano-nerves full of prickling tickles. And last but not least, special micro-vibre toe floss bands are working overtime on her toes to make sure that there is no respite from the seemingly endless teasing.

The two screens on her arm restrains show the unfortunate robot girl the same spectacular view from her bare feet as we see on the front screens, allowing her a front row seat on her own torture.

Mean you say? Yes, certainly, but thats why we love it^^

No robots were harmed during the making of this cartoon, nor during the writing of the longest description I ever did:D

Stay tuned kids!
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KOS-MOS deserves more attention, a lot more.
That device is diabolical :|
Not much I can say to deny that statement:P
vasglorious Sep 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I can only assume that you were able to tickle a robot, by installing artificial nerves, right?
Yup! Useless but fun!
StandingSideways Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I can't help but think of laughing to death ( - - ' )
Probably not too far off...
Good thing we're dealing with a robot in this case, eh? :D
I do so believe a stumbled upon the strange part of dA XD I searched up "military robot" and this was on the first page haha.
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